About Training4Life Martial Arts Academy

Training4Life Martial Arts in Pequannock NJ is Morris County’s premier martial arts school. We provide quality martial arts training to children, teens, and adult in a safe and family oriented environment.

Training for kids is divided into age and ability specific classes, where each student can learn at their own pace and have a ton of fun in the process. Training for adults provide a complete martial arts education, whether it’d be Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Krav Maga or Fitness, we have the class for you!

Looking forward to personally meeting you and to have you on our mats!

*Choosing the right Martial Arts School can be a challenging process. Here are a few things you can ALWAYS expect at Training4Life:*

Clean and Safe Facility

We take tremendous pride in keeping every inch of the school sanitary. You can be sure that when you are in our facility everything is as clean as it should be The school is equipped with the best mats in the business to keep all training activities safe. The 2000 square feet of training space allows everyone ample space for a safe training experience.

Dedicated and Knowledgeable Instructors

The Training4Life Team truly cares about your progress. It is our passion to share with you what has been so beneficial to us. We lead groups and teach individuals. This style of teaching goes beyond standing in front of the class and directing. In order to teach individuals within the group, you must be aware of every student’s needs and that is our strength. Because
people learn in different ways, teachers must have different methods to connect with them and we do!

Proven Curriculum

Training 4 Life teaches what works on the mats and in life! Every tournament our kids and adults have competed in we’ve been on the podium. However, this is such a small percentage of what we are and what makes us special. The curriculum is much more that the actual techniques, it’s a mindset. Our children get better grades, they listen better at home for their parents, they gain the confidence they need to stand up to bullies, they get the self-esteem back that they may have lost because of a bully, they no longer have to take certain medications, they become better friends and they become leaders

Our adults lose the weight they have wanted to lose for a long time, they feel confident because they can defend themselves and their families, they enjoy the feeling of learning new skills, they create good habits, they begin to understand the benefit and importance of doing whatever it takes to live a no excuses lifestyle. For kids and adults, these principles are what make our curriculum so powerful!

Beginner Only Classes

New students do not have to worry about being thrown in a class with experienced martial artists and forced to survive. You will be in classes with other new students learning the basics and getting completely comfortable with your training. Having this solid foundation will allow you to transition to the next level of training when you are ready.

Location and Community

Training 4 Life is right in the heart of Pequannock, NJ. Our neighbors Pompton Plains, Wayne, and Lincoln Park are only five minute away making the school’s accessibility extremely convenient. The school would not have as good a reputation as it does if it were not for the incredible community involved. We have amazing students and families who genuinely care for the well being of the school and want to see the school thrive and succeed. This makes it extremely worthwhile to be apart of this community.

I hope this gives you better insight to what you can expect from us. We would love to personally invite you to a free week of classes to see if we are a good fit for you!

All you have to do is sign up in the box at the top of the page, labeled “Get Your Free Week Trial”

Looking forward to personally meeting you and to have you on our mats!

Treat yourself this year for Mother's Day!

All of May, Mom's train for free in our Fitness and/or Self-Defense class! New Student's Only, Please.